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Welcome to Koliyot Institute of Energy & Research (KIER), a training facility providing innovative education and training in the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry.
KIER is a unique and innovative work-oriented training institute targeted at graduates entering the upstream Oil & Gas Industry.

More often than not, there is huge discrepancy between what graduates learn at university and what is actually required in the workforce. KIER has collaborated with seasoned industry professionals to bridge this gap by offering a portfolio of accelerated learning courses that will deliver the skills and knowledge required to succeed worldwide in tomorrow's energy industry.

Tech27 Systems is a global software and engineering company that uses advanced computer technology to deliver cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Building on more than a decade of industry experience, Tech27 Systems has become a pioneer of oil and gas engineering service companies by providing a wide range of technological services under one roof.

To learn more about Tech27 Systems, its services and clientele please visit

KIER has collaborated with Tech27 Systems to develop and deliver career-relevant courses. Acting as advisors and guest lecturers, the Tech27 Systems leading energy industry professionals implement the same teaching techniques used to train their engineers. By implementing industrial level training, the students of KIER will recieve the specialised training necessary to succeed in the competitive Oil & Gas Industry.

To help engineers convert to a career in the upstream Oil & Gas Industry, each student is offered work experience at Tech27 Systems on live projects. Working alongside industry experts and contributing to real life projects gives each student the distinct advantage to increase their employability.

Students who perform exceptionally well in this placement will be offered employment with Tech27 Systems.

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