Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Drilling Engineering
The Oil & Gas industry is split in to 3 streams:

1. Upstream (Exploration, Drilling, Completion and Production of crude)

2. Midstream (Storage, Initial processing and Transportation of crude)

3. Downstream (Refining and production of Petroleum products)

Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Drilling Engineering comprises of the following four courses and covers the entire Upstream Oil and Gas industry.

1. Petroleum Geoscience & Formation Evaluation

2. Production Engineering

3. Advanced Drilling Technology

4. Completions Engineering & Subsea Systems

Petroleum Geoscience & Formation Evaluation
This module encompasses a comprehensive industry-oriented study. The prime focus is to augment knowledge in aspects of subsurface geology and petroleum geophysics, relating to the exploration, appraisal and development of oil and gas reserves. It also includes case studies of real field evaluation and well logging operations. In addition, it provides as essential introduction to rock mechanics.

Production Engineering
This module provides a detailed understanding of the essential priciples of oil well drilling. It combines the theoretical and practical aspects of Well Inflow/Outflow Performance, Tubing String Design Selection, Completion Systems, Sand Control, Matrix Stimulation, Artificial Lift and Surface Facilities. Key themes include Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance and Decommissioning.

Advanced Drilling technology
This module illustrates the micro level technical aspects of Advanced Drilling Technology. Topics broadly covered include Well Planning, Stress Analysis/Torque & Drag, Directional Drilling, Casing & Tubing Design, Cementing Operations, Surveying, Drill String Design and Well Design Process. Complex scenarios such as Horizontal Drilling, High Pressure High Temperature Wells, and dealing with Sour Crude, are covered in detail.

Completions Engineering & Subsea Systems
This module addresses current Completion Technologies and aims to find innovative solutions to tomorrow's production challenges. The material integrates an array of technologies in complex systems represented by the subsea production facilities.

Implant Training
During the work placement at Tech27 Systems, every student will get to taste the real work environment in Oil & Gas sector. Tech27 Systems, being an Oil & Gas engineering service company, will cater few of its projects to the students of KIER and let them get trained by working with the leading minds in the industry. The students will be asked to work on challenging projects. Students who manage to prove that they have the required skills will be employed in Tech27 Systems either at the Calicut office or at the UK office.
Only Upstream projects will be assigned to the students of Advanced Drilling Engineering, so that they get trained in their chosen field.
They will assist the employees of Tech27 Systems in completing challenging projects. Every little contribution will be noted and rewarded accordingly. This work placement will boost your resume and get you entered in to the field. Interested students may be allowed to continue their work placement beyond the three months time.
Applications are accepted
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