Post Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Project Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Project Management is a premium course designed specifically for the oil and gas industry with relevant Oil & Gas case studies. If you work in the Oil & Gas field, this is the course for you. Every work related to Oil & Gas engineering, be it small or huge, is treated as a project. So it is that much more important to get trained in the project management sector of Oil & Gas industry. Post Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Project Management comprises of the following 3 courses and covers all the tools and tactics of Project management which are used in the Oil & Gas sector.

1. Business Essentials

2. Engineering Project Management

3. Safety Engineering

Business Essentials
This Module is disigned to develop behavioural and intrapersonal skills, project process management and sound buisness competence for teamwork. Special emphasis has been placed on safety and environmental processes and legislations,relevant to the Oil & Gas Industry. Concepts of risk and risk evaluation, as applied to engineering tasks, are an exclusive part of this module.
Engineering Project Management
This module has been comprehensively and specifically designed in consultation with experienced industry Project Managers. It promotes an understanding of the principles, fundamental concepts and strategies of project management practices in oil and gas engineering. Students will learn to use various project management tools and will be able to develop all the necessary documents during typical oil and gas project.
Safety Engineering
This course identifies the Health, Safety & Environmental Risks and Financial Risks associated with the Oil & Gas Industry. Students will attain Risk Assessment and Risk Management skills. Special Importance has been given to case studies like Piper Alpha,UK and Macondo Disaster, USA as practical examples and exposure on safety engineering.
Implant Training
Tech27 Systems , being an ISO 9001:2008 company has proven its capacity in employing project management principles at day to day work. Students of Petroleum Project Management will get hands on experience in creating project management documents and in real time usage of Project management tools. They will experience how management principles are applied in Petroleum industry and get involved in the same process. Students who manage to prove that they have the required skills, will be employed by Tech27 Systems either at the Calicut office or at the UK office. They will assist the employees of Tech27 Systems in monitoring and completing complex projects. Every little contribution will be noted and rewarded accordingly. This work placement will boost your resume and get you entered in to the field. Interested students may be allowed to continue their work placement even beyond the three months time.
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