KIER acknowledges and advocates that work placements are extremely important and vital to any professional education and therefore have a dedicated placement panel to help students enter the energy industry. The panel adopts the following strategies for successful placements.
Through Tech27 Systems :
Tech27 Systems gives KIER unprecedented access to a wide variety of engineering services in the energy market. Tech27 Systems have worked with Upstream Operators, Drilling Contractors, Oilfield Service Companies and also with Downstream Refineries.

Tech27 Systems is a growing company with constant need for enthusiastic and talented engineers. On successful completion of the required courses,outstanding students will be given an opportunity to join Tech27 Systems based on its project requirements.
Industry Collaborations:
Work Based Projects:
In addition to the work experience that students receive at Tech27 Systems, KIER also encourages students to take up commercially viable projects from other oil and gas companies. Employers, students and course leaders work together to determine the scope of the project work and its parameters. On successful completion, the student not only gains practical experience but also optimises his/her chance of securing a job.
Campus Recruitment:
The KIER placement team is in constant contact with the 50+ clients of Tech27 Systems worldwide inviting them to fill their vacancies through KIER. Please contact us to find out more about the latest developments in this area.
Research and Development:
KIER, in association with different energy industry bodies, encourages research and development opportunities. Tech27 Systems is heavily involved in research and development and KIER students are given ample opportunities to contribute to these projects.
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